My Story

Thank you for joining me on my kaleidoscopic journey! As weird as it sounds, since Iíve been on this cancer roller coaster, Iím really having the time of my life. Itís amazing how much fun I can have with all the cancer stuff. Chemo is nothing like I expected! But then, Iím nothing like my doctor expected either.

Life is certainly not without its challenges, and they are plenty and big, but I am learning that the deepest lessons in life and real lasting growth come from the toughest challenges faced head on. Making a film, writing, painting and cooking have been incredible opportunities for self expression and spiritual healing. I can honestly say that Iím more me now than Iíve ever been in my life!

Check out THE BLOG to read my detailed story from the beginning and donít miss THE FILM, you can see the Trailer right here! Itís a lot of fun and very inspiring. I canít wait till we wrap it up for release in the Fall.

I LOVE to cook! And Iím not half bad, so donít miss the RECIPES (youíll find them under FUN STUFF) Most of the recipes are my own, some are from my friends and family and others were collected from my favorite cookbooks and gourmet websites. Who knows, maybe Iíll get some of my cookbook projects done one of these days.

Tens of thousands of people have visited my website over the past year and everyone who writes to me lifts me higher and higher. Please write to me too if you feel inspired. I love to connect with everyone whoís out there journeying with me.

Check out the EVENTS to find out whatís happening, and letís get together. Lifeís a party!

With much love,
Simcha Esther

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